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Wilson Crest

James  Wilson (1820-? ) - Scotland - Matilda ?? - England

Charles Henry Wilson (1843-1894) NY or England - Mary Coan - RI

Charles Garfield Wilson (1868-1899) NY - Grace E Stevens - CT

Earle Kenneth Wilson (1898-1985) CT - Antoinette V. Blaschko - Hungary

June Elsie Wilson (1926-2012) CT - Newton Richard Begnal Young - CA - Breaking News In Search of Mystery Daughter

City Directories | Census | Timeline

Fair Haven Union Cemetery, New Haven, CT

Scotland National Anthem


Wilson Surname Meaning, History & Origin

If you have my Wilson's in your lineage, please e-mail me  D.R. "Doc" Young

 1st Generation


Ggggf, James Wilson m. Matilda, Per the 1880 census of Charles Henry Wilson, his parents were born in Scotland and England.  Per the 1870 census, Charles H. was born in England, and his death certificate also indicate he was born in NY, that his father was James Wilson, born NY and mother Matilda, born NY.


Wilson Surname - English, Scottish, and northern Irish: patronymic from the personal name Will, a very common medieval short form of William.


2nd Generation



Gggf, Charles Henry Wilson, b. 22 Feb 1843, NY, d. 12 Aug 1894, CT, m. 6 Jun 1867, Manhattan, NY, Mary Coan, b. 7 May 1838, Newport, RI or Ireland, d. 22 May 1906, CT



Adelaide Katherine Wilson, b. 23 July 1866 , NY - d. 15 Jan 1947, New Haven, CT, m. Charles Bowers



Ggf-Charles Garfield Wilson,  b. 18 Nov 1868, Manhattan, NY Co., NY - d. 17 Feb 1899, Fair Haven, CT m. Grace E. Stevens, b. Sep 1872, North Guilford, New Haven Co. CT, daughter of Angeline Aletha Bradley (1848-1949)


Irene May Wilson, b. 4 Sep 1871, New Haven, CT, d. 11 Jan 1949, New Haven, CT

Elizabeth Ernestine (Lizzie) Wilson, b. 1 May 1874, New Haven, CT, d. 5 Apr 1956, New Haven, CT, m.

George Edward Wilson, b. 12 Aug 1876, New Haven, CT - d. 28 Apr 1899, CT., m. 31 Dec 1896, Jennie E. Vogt, b. abt. 1874, parents George Vogt and Carrie Schappa.  Jennie remarried to Edward Ryan


George & Jeannie's Children:


Ruel E. Wilson, b. abt. 1897, New Haven, CT


Baptism Records of the First Congregational Church in Fair Haven, CT, 7 Nov 1880 are the date of these entries listing the 5 children above as follows:


Adelaid Kate Wilson, 23 July 1866

Charles Garfield Wilson, 18 Nov 1868

Irene May Wilson, 4 Sep 1871

Lizzie Ernestine Wilson, 30 Apr 1874

Geo Edward Wilson, 13 Aug 1876


possible marriage record -


Charles H. Wilson

Marriage Date:


Marriage Place:

Manhattan, New York, New York




See FH Library catalog films 1543971-1562446 (Manhattan) & Film 1653852 (Brooklyn), for actual certificate.


Marriage Registers, Extracts from Manhattan (1869-1880) and Brooklyn (1895-1897)


Dept. of Health, Division of Vital Statistics, New York.

Publication Place:

New York, NY




3rd Generation


Charles G. Wilson - Fair Haven Fire Dept.

Ggf, Charles Garfield Wilson , b. 18 Nov 1868, Manhattan, NY Co., NY - d. 17 Feb 1899, Fair Haven, CT, m. 22 Dec 1897, Grace E. Stevens, b. Sep 1872, North Guilford, New Haven Co. CT.



Earle Kenneth Wilson, b. 3 Oct 1898, N. Guilford, CT, d. 7 Oct 1985, Summit, MS

Taken 1890's

Fair Haven - New Haven, CT

click to enlarge

Fair Haven, an immigrant community located between the Mill and Quinnipiac rivers; Quinnipiac Meadows and Fair Haven Heights across the Quinnipiac River; and facing the eastern side of the harbor, The Annex and East Shore (or Morris Cove).


In 1837 Fair Haven withdrew from the jurisdiction of New Haven and in 1870 Fair Haven rejoined New Haven.




4th Generation


Gf, Earle Kenneth Wilson marriages


1st. marriage, m. 3 Oct 1917, Anna (DeMond) Wilson, abt. 1897, Trenton NJ.


1918- 12 Sep - WWI Draft - age 19 - married to Anna Wilson living at at 39 Water St. Guilford, CT.  Earle K. Wilson living at 139 Lombard St New Haven, CT.  Occupation: Breakdown May? for ?? Wire Co. 975 Dixwell Ave. New Haven, CT


1920 census - Annie B. Demond Wilson, son Kenneth E. Wilson, b. abt. 1918, living with Anna's parents William H. and May E. Demond, siblings William H. Jr. Clarence B. Demond.  Living at 59 Whitfield St. Guilford, CT 


1930 census - Annie B. remarried to George L. Hunt, children Kenneth M. Wilson Hunt, George L. Jr., Robert C., Dorothy M. , & twin Jean E.  Living at 35 State St. Guildford, CT.


2nd marriage: Unknown who, between 1918-1922


3rd marriage: Antoinette Victoria Blaschko/Belasco her 1st m. 4 Aug 1922, per marriage certificate


4th marriage, Gladys Melissa (Bickham) Wilson, m. 16 Jun 1934, having 3 children, Gayle Wilson, b. 20 Sep 1936, twins Suzanne Wilson & Fern Wilson, b. 6 Dec 1940, MS.




5th Generation - June E. Wilson - 6 Oct 2017 Breaking News In Search of Mystery Daughter between 1964-1968, possibly Torrance, Los Angeles County, CA


Antoinette Victoria Blaschkow & Earle K. WilsonAntoinette Victoria Blaschko/Belasco, her 1st marriage, Earle's 3rd. m. 4 Aug 1922, marriage certificate  Note: 3 yrs, 11 mos, 25 days since marriage that June is born, possible Twins born and died within the first 3 yrs of marriage.


Children: June Elsie WilsonJune Elsie Wilson b. 29 Jul 1926, New Haven, CT, d. 6 Dec 2012, San Diego Co., CA, m. Richard Newton (Begnal) Young, 8 Sep 1946, Los Angeles, CA


Richard and June Young

Children: Yuma Sun AZ


My Mother was a Rosie Riveter, North American Aviation, her career lasted 35 yrs. NAA/Rockwell Int.  Share A Ride 1951 Skywriter, NAA



Taken a few days before I was born, to see more of our parents and grandparents >


June E. Wilson, m2.22 Nov 1951, Herbert Charles Hilton Jr "Chuck" Los Angeles Co., CA


m3. Lawrence Leroy Wolf (Hayton), 25 Oct 1957, Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV


1940 census - Antoinette Victoria Blaschko Wilson & June Elsie Wilson, 1344 E. Harvard St. Glendale, Los Angeles Co., CA found 13 Jul 2012 - 1940 census


To view pictures of June E. Wilson & Richard Hewitt  |  June E. Wilson & Chuck Hilton 1951


In Memory of my Mother June Wilson, Jul 1926 - 6 Dec 2012 (pictorial) - Our 1952 Road Trip CA to CT


1951 wedding June E Wilson Young -Herbert Charles Hilton Jr

524 Fischer St. Glendale, CA - My Grandmother's Home Antoinette/Toni Blaschko Belasco Wilson

Pictured  Donnie 1949, the Home in 2015 - marriage of June E Wilson Young to Herbert Charles Hilton Jr




Mary Coan's 1st. m. William Weinkoop/Wynkoop, children of this marriage:


Maggie (Margaret) Weinkoop Wilson, b. abt. 1855, unknown if married or children.

Augustus H. Weinkoop Wilson, b. 4 Nov 1856, NY - d. 17 May 1893, CT, unknown if married or children.
Emma Frances Weinkoop Wilson, b. 5 Nov 1859 , NY - d. 9 Dec 1948, CT, m. Charles F. Morgan


Notes: From the NHCHS (New Haven Colony Historical Society) cemetery plot cards on microfilm for Union Fair Haven Cemetery, finding Augustus was not a Wilson, but listed as A. Wynkoope, d. 1893.  The first 3 children are listed as Wilson's in the 1870 & 80 census, however it has been discovered these children to be Wynkoope, Wynecoor or Weinkoop, depending the record. 


I found Mary, Wm, Margaret, Augusta and Emma in the 1860 census

To view the Wynkoop Family Research Library Home Page


Surname Coan....Irish origin, and is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic "MacComhdhain", which is composed of the element "Mac", son of, and the personal name "Comhghan", twin.  Traditionally, Irish family names are taken from the heads of tribes, revered elders of from some illustrious warrior, and are usually prefixed by "O", grandson, male descendant, or "M(a)c", denoting "son of".


In the modern idiom the surname has many variant spellings ranging from Coen, Cowan and Coan, to Kowen, Keown and Coyne.


Another Origin of Coan is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name that was given to a person who was a person who was considered a dreamer. The surname Coan was originally derived from the Old French word coquaigne. This surname was adopted in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066.


Coan Early Origins, as the English language evolved in the Middle Ages, the name Coan has many spelling variations, including Cockayne, Cokayne, Cocaine, Cokayn, Cokein, Cokaigne, Cokkaigne, Cokkayn, Cockayn and many more.


Per the 1880 census of Charles Henry Wilson, shows his parents born in Scotland and England.  Per the 1870 census, Charles H. is born in England and his death certificate indicate born in NY, that his father was James Wilson, born NY and mother Matilda, born NY.  On 21 Feb 2007, the following information I found in the 1881 England census.  This James and Matilda's where born match the 1880 USA census.  Unknown if they are the parents of Charles H. Wilson or if his parents came to the USA.


James Wilson
Age: 61
Estimated birth year: abt 1820
Relation: Head
Spouse's name: Matilda
Gender: Male
Where born: Lerson, Scotland
Civil parish: Netherhampton
County/Island: Wiltshire
Country: England
Condition as to marriage: Married
Occupation: Huntsman

Matilda Wilson
Age: 59
Estimated birth year: abt 1822
Relation: Wife
Spouse's name: James
Gender: Female
Where born: Compton Bassett, Wiltshire, England

Civil parish: Netherhampton
County/Island: Wiltshire
Country: England 
Registration district: Wilton
Sub-registration district: Wilton
ED, institution, or vessel: 2


Wilson - My Genealogy Research Story

Fair Haven Union Cemetery, New Haven, CT.

Fair Haven Union Cemetery
Click on Picture for other headstone pictures



Scotland National Anthem

O flower of Scotland When will we see Your like again That fought and died for Your wee bit hill and glen And stood against him Proud Edward's army And sent him homeward Tae think again


The hills are bare now And autumn leaves lie thick and still O'er land that is lost now Which those so dearly held And stood against him Proud Edward's army And sent him homeward Tae think again


Those days are passed now And in the past they must remain But we can still rise now And be the nation again And stood against him Proud Edward's army And sent him homeward Tae think again

O Fhlu\ir na h-Albann, cuin a chi\ sinn an seo\rsa laoich a sheas gu ba\s 'son am bileag feo\ir is fraoich, a sheas an aghaidh feachd uailleil Iomhair 's a ruaig e dhachaidh air chaochladh smaoin?


Na cnuic tha lomnochd 's tha duilleach Foghair mar bhrat air la\r, am fearann caillte dan tug na seo\id ud gra\dh, a sheas an aghaidh feachd uailleil Iomhair 's a ruaig e dhachaigh air chaochladh smaoin.


Tha 'n eachdraidh du\inte ach air di\ochuimhne chan fheum i bhith, is faodaidh sinn e\irigh gu bhith nar Ri\oghachd a-ri\s a sheas an aghaidh feachd uailleil Iomhair 's a ruaig e dhachaidh air chaochladh smaoin

Mayflower Descendant of Francis Eaton (1595/96-1633) & Christian Penn (1607-1684) my 9th Paternal Gr-Grandparents

Ancestry Member since 13 May 2004, Researching since Sep 1992

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*FTDNA Kit No. 892549 (5 Feb 2019) Y-DNA Haplogroup R-M269
*GEDmatch A476709 (28 Apr 2018) - GEDCOM ID5626977 (13Feb2019)
*AncestryDNA (16 Dec 2016)


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