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To those who know I do Genealogy Research, I also try to find the Living for multiple reasons.

1) when I am Asked to Find out about a Friend, Spouse, Co-Worker(s), High School Co-Student(s), etc., that being you.

2) Genealogy purposes to begin a Lineage Tree on your behalf, or add to Your existing Research.

3) I Research for Anything available on the Internet/Web (except the Black Web) Products, Events, in the News, if you can think of it, I can search for it (within reason determined by myself)

4) For your Knowledge about Genealogy Research and DNA as I have 27 yrs exp. with over 5,700 ancestors in my Lineage Tree.

About the Freedom of Information Act

Research Requests:

Note: All Record Look-ups require Basic Information, applicable to your Inquiry


1) Full Name if known: Given, Middle Name or Initial, Last Name


2) When Born, i.e. approximate Year or if known Month/Year


3) Where Born, i.e. County and State or Country even for US Record Look-ups


4) To Submit



I do not speak/share fake news, nor is it my intent to frighten/scare because of information I may or do find.

Building Trust is foremost, and Confidence of I the Researcher/Sleuth if you will.  

Do not use this information to harm, exploit, suggesting any Criminal Activity on/of my Part.

Especially when Asked to Find a Friend, Spouse/Ex's, Co-Worker(s), High School Students, etc., that being you, that your intent to use this information is not illegal found/covered in Criminal Law/Laws of Criminal Acts as defined by Laws of Local, County, State or Federal Laws of Enforcement.

My Service provides Public Information, Under the Freedom of Information Act enacted July 4, 1966, an effective date of one year after the date of enactment, or July 4, 1967.

To Make A Request:

1) Reason of/for the Purpose of this Request ?

2) You Agree that You, have no intent to use this information for Any and All Criminal Law as defined by Laws of Local, County, State or Federal Laws of Enforcement.

3) To Provide Information for Research Requests

3) Thinking of any Suggestions, please share




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