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The Real American
Imperial Order of Red Men - Degree of Pocahontas
Vol IV-No.2 - Hot Moon (June 1, 1918) G.S.D. 427 Single Copy 1c.

The Improved Order of Red Men is a fraternal organization established in 1834.

Their rituals and regalia are modeled after those assumed to be used by Native Americans.  The organization claimed a membership of about half a million in 1935, but has declined to a little more than 15,000.

In 1813, at historic Fort Mifflin, near Philadelphia, several of these groups came together and formed one organization known as the Society of Red Men. The name was changed to the Improved Order of Red Men in Baltimore in 1834. In the late 18th century, social and benevolent Tammany Societies, named after Tamanend, were formed.


The most famous of these was New York City's Society of St. Tammany, which grew into a major political machine known as "Tammany Hall."

Around 1813, a disenchanted group created the philanthropic "Society of Red Men" at Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia.  From this, the "Improved Order of Red Men" was an offshoot formed in 1834.




In Memoriam for one of the Biggest Redmen, (mentally and physically). The Order ever know, who passed on, May 18th, 1918. While not a Member of Minnahannock Tribe, he was the Friend of Every Redman and we can truly express our sentiment by repeating the inscription upon the monument that marks his resting place in beautiful Woodlawn Cemetery.

"He Lives in the Hearts of Those He Left Behind"



12 May 1909, Utica Saturday Globe, John F. Shaughnessy (transcribed by D.R. "Doc" Young - 22 Apr 2007)


"Former Utican Who has Won Wide Success in New York"


The many friends in this city of John F. Shaughnessy, a former well known Utican who for a number of years now has been in business in New York, are gratified to learn of his wide success in the metropolis.  Mr. Shaughnessy has just been awarded the contract for the erection of the million-dollar clubhouse of the New York Lodge of Elks.  The son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Shaughnessy of Chestnut St.  Mr. Shaughnessy was born in Utica 36 years ago and received his education in the public schools. 


As a young man he evinced an ambition to make a success in life and some 16 years ago went to New York, deciding that the metropolis prepared a wider field for his energies.  He engaged in the trucking business working hard saved his money and soon branched out into contracting work.  For 1? years now he has been at the hand of a large and successful business, with offices at One Hundred and Thirty First St. and Tenth Ave. 


Mr. Shaughnessy is a man of strong characteristics.  A shrewd observer and manager of mean, a tireless worker himself, he is one of those sharp clear-minded men of action, who has made political and business history in New York.  He is a strong Democratic and is regarded as a leader in his, the 12th district.  A number of years ago Mr. Shaughnessy joined the New York Lodge of Elks and this spring was elected exalted ruler of the lodge, as indication of his popularity and standing among his fellow men in the metropolis.  He is a brother of Police Officer Shaughnessy, of this city (Utica).





7 May 1918, Utica Herald Dispatch, John F. Shaughnessy (transcribed by D.R. "Doc" Young - 22 Apr 2007)


"Seriously Ill in New York"


Brother of Doorman Shaughnessy and Prominent in Metropolis – A Native of Utica


Doorman William H. Shaughnessy of police headquarters, who lives at 1434 Francis St., received word this morning of the serious illness of his brother, John F. Shaughnessy of 321 St. Nicholas Ave., New York City and will leave for New York this evening.


John F. Shaughnessy is very well known in this, his native city, where he was born 46 years ago.  He left Utica about 20 years ago and during that time of residence in New York has won a prominent place in business, politics and club life.  While in Brooklyn last winter Mr. Shaughnessy had the misfortune to have his feet frostbitten.  He had been suffering from diabetes before that.  The toes of his foot that were most severely bitten by the frost did not heal and blood poising set in.  Very recently his leg was amputated above the knee and word from New York today stated that his condition was very serious.


Mr. Shaughnessy has been prominently identified with the Elks and Red Men during his residence in New York and has also, been prominently identified with Tammany Hall in politics.  He has been engaged as a trucking contractor for some years in which line he has been very successful.  He was three times elected exalted ruler of No. 1 Lodge of the Elks of New York City and was prominently identified with the movement to erect the great Elks Club in that city.  He also held the highest office in the order of Red Men.  He has been district leader in his district for Tammany for some time and also president of the Democratic club of his district.


Mr. Shaughnessy has been a frequent visitor to Utica in the years that have passed since he left here, and the news of his serious illness will be received with deep regret.  He is a son of John J. Shaughnessy of Chestnut St.



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