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She used to live on Toluca Ave. Torrance, CA across from West High School.  Her Father a Colonel USAF, worked Los Angeles Air Force Base, 200 No. Douglas Ave, El Segundo, CA.

Today Los Angeles Air Force Base houses and supports the "Headquarters of the Space Systems Field Command" of the United States Space Force (USSF), which was established on August 13, 2021.
The center manages research, development and acquisition of military space systems.

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Looking to re-connect Tamara Johnston between years 2000-2006, aka Tamster Pants aka Tam Fredrika Bipple aka Molokaigirl48371

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Looking to re-connect to the following Carlyle (Carla) and Marchale (Marcie) Petrie

Carlyle & Marchale Petrie-Blackhawk-Middle-School-FtWayne-IN-1974  1974-78 Carlyle Carla K & Marchale Marci D Petrie

If you know either Carlyle/Carla Kaye Petrie Butler or Marchale/Marci/Marcie D' Orsay/Dorsay/Darcey/Darcy  Petrie

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Breaking Real News In Search Of Mystery Baby Girl  as of 6 Oct 2017 Unknown Father or what Maiden/Surname this Mystery Child was named, nor her given, nor if a middle name My Mother June Elsie Wilson, may have named Her, born between  1964-1968 is my estimate.

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About Me - disclaimer:  I am Not Blood/DNA Biologically related to the Surnames of Young, nor Begnal prior to the Births of my Paternal Grandfather, Father & Uncle...I am related by DNA to those Descendant of these 3 Men Clifford Franklin Begnal (1903-1960) Fire Fighter So. San Francisco, Clifford Anthony Begnal Young (1923-2021) my Uncle and Father born as Newton Richard Begnal aka Richard Newton Young (1924-1995)

Age 20, I met my Father for the very first time as "Richard Newton Young", per his birth certificate was born Newton Richard Begnal 1924, San Francisco, CA, by 1930 Los Angeles School Records 1930-1941, his last name was Young.  This School Record list the Names of Richard Newton Young parent or guardian as Earl Young, Mrs. E. Rose and William Irby (step-father)

My Uncle Clifford Anthony Begnal Young, birth cert. as Begnal 1923, without a Given or Middle name.   Both the 1923 & 1924 birth certificate show the parents that of Clifford Franklin Begnal and Thelma Ferne Perry.

per my Father & Uncle's WWII Records  Richard N Young 24 Jul 1942 & Clifford A Young 26 Oct 1940, both joined/enlisted/drafted as Young

Parents Clifford Franklin Begnal (Eaton) 1903-1960 and Thelma Ferne Perry (Pereira Cardozo) (1906-1979)

I took Ancestry's DNA test Dec 2016, and as to this day 3 Mar 2018, have not been matched to Begnal, Young or Eaton's as being 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Cousins

as of 5 Feb 2019, FamilyTree Y-DNA confirms I am an Eaton of Haplogroup R-M269, aka R1b1a1a2

My Grandfather Clifford Franklin Begnal, as of 29 Dec 2016, extremely possible he was born as Eaton, 31 Mar 1903, Utica, Oneida Co., NY - d. 15 Mar 1960, South San Francisco, San Mateo Co., CA meaning his descendants of his known 2 marriages are not genetically Begnal, nor Young.

Looking to connect to Eaton's DNA, I am a descendant of Francis Eaton (1595/96-1633) & Christian Penn (1607-1684) 9th Paternal Gr-Grandparents

FTDNA Kit No. 892549 (5 Feb 2019) Y-DNA = Haplogroup R-M269, aka R1b1a1a2

More specifically, Claude Brudenell Eaton, 8 Sep 1879, Capron, Oneida Co., NY, son of George A. Eaton (1854-1918) & Elizabeth B. Ireland (1855-1919)

Claude, m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Shaughnessy, on 13 Jun 1900, New York Mills, Oneida Co., NY

Elizabeth Shaughnessy, 6 Sep 1882-1888, Utica, Oneida Co., NY, dau. of John Joseph Shaughnessy & Mary Louise Brewer

FTM-2019 - Current Version (MacKiev)

Ancestry DNA Test completed 13 Dec 2016

GEDmatch A476709 (28 Apr 2018) - GEDCOM ID5626977 (13Feb2019)

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