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Walter Martin "Mart" Schmid-Schmidt-Smith


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Walter Martin Schmid Schmidt Smith - 1945

Walter Martin Schmid Schmidt Smith - 1945

Looking for Descendants of Walter Martin Schmid/Smith/Schmidt - ID#52

Walter Martin "Mart" Schmid, U.S. Army in Germany, with the 102nd Infantry, stationed near Munchberg by Hof in 1946.  Born about 1918, Germany (birth location unknown) based on his age in Feb 1946.


A family member Erna Zeitler, Waldsassen, Bavaria, stated that Walter told Erna of his family having left Germany about the time frame of WWI, unknown Walter's parents names.  A possibility is Walter's parents came from Hanover or Kuhln, Germany and that Walter was considered American, having been Born at Sea.  I have not found any passenger list of either the New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 or Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934 (in German) databases, estimating they arrived about 1920.


I am unable to locate Walter's military record or date of WWII enlistment/registration, Walter may have belonged to the 405, 406 or 407th Infantry Regiments of the 102nd Division "The Ozarks" that may have been stationed near Munchberg by Hof in 1946.


Rumor has it that he did not return to the U.S. and was reassigned to a unit in Heidelberg and spent more time in the Army or Air Corps, remaining in Germany and marrying.  And it is unclear if Walter went by Smith or Schmid or Schmidt when enlisting, passenger travel or returning to the U.S.


Walter "Mart" Schmid, Frank Barnes of Mozier, IL and other Army buddies helped the Zeitler family during the War with provisions and other goods for the family.


Walter Schmid, may have returned to the U.S. and married after the war, I am wanting to find his Descendants.  It is unclear where Walter lived prior to WWII, or after.  All that is known, possibly NY, as his parents may have had a Bakery, or Walter could of lived in NJ, MI, MO, or IL. 


The above is all that is known about Walter...If you have information, recognize the photo of Walter, please E-Mail with your information or assistance.

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