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1942, 28 Mar - Richard N. Begnal, married Patricia/Panzy Victoria Arnold, Yuma AZ, witnesses Thelma, Mildred and William L. Irby, address maybe that of Thelma or Mildred 138 1/2 E. 53rd. St. Los Angeles, CA

1942, 24 Jul, Richard N. Young enlists in the Army, 130th Ordnance Battalion, stationed at Camp Polk, LA, Technician 5th Grade, Parts Clerk.

1942, 28 Oct, Anna Laura Ferne Begnal, born to Patricia/Pansy Victoria Arnold, age 16, Richard Private in Army age 19. Living at 1424 W. 255th St. Harbor City, CA.  Richard is in the Army stationed in Louisiana.


1944, 13 Nov, Richard N. Young discharged from Army, Camp Beale CA


1945, 24 Jan, Susan Marie Begnal, born, San Pedro, CA

1945, 22 May, Richard Begnal, 1467 W. Vernon, Los Angeles, CA. per letter from Edwin R. Cunningham, adopted Susan Marie Begnal, however her father is said to be Edward Anderson.


1945, 6Jul, Richard N. Begnal divorces Patricia Arnold

1946, 9 Sep, Richard N. Young marries June Elsie Wilson, Pasadena CA. unknown address and I do not have their marriage cert.


1950-1954 - Mrs. Pansy V. Sangster, living at 24665 Moon Ave. Lomita, CA, no mention who Mr. Sangster is.





Patricia Victoria Arnold


1. Richard N. Begnal, b. 16 Jul 1924, San Francisco, CA, d. 5 Jan 1995 (m. 28 Mar 1942, Yuma, AZ)
2. Edward Anderson, b. abt. 1919 (unknown if married, suspected bio father Susan Marie)
3. Otha Milton Sangster Sr, b. 9 Jun 1915, Dooly Co., GA, d. 26 Nov 1976, Orange Co., FL unknown date of marriage as of 21 Jul 2022, having 2 children James & Janie
4. Harold Leroy Krout, b. 2 Jul 1926, MN, d. 6 Aug 1979, Los Angeles Co., CA (m. prior 1955 ??)
5. Lester Eugene Blackard, 5 Jun 1917, Coldwater, Comanche, KS (m. 12 Nov 1971, Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV)

Unknown Relationship to Pansy or Family to Paul Darwin Solem, 28 Jul 1954, Saint Louis County, MN, parents Frank Darwin Solem & Iris Virginia Ward.

Paul's Siblings


Melodee Ann Solem, 3 Sep 1949, Saint Louis, Frank Darwin Solem, Iris V. Ward
Virginia Lee Solem, 26 Mar 1951, Saint Louis, Frank Darwin Solem, Iris Virginia Ward
Bradley Craig Solem, 12 Aug 1952, Saint Louis, Frank Darwin Solem, Iris Virginia Ward


Social Security Death Index

Name: Frank Solem (Paul Darwin Solem's father)
Birth: 26 Mar 1930
Death: Jun 1980
Civil: Railroad Board (Issued Through)
Other: Needles, San Bernardino, California


U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006

Name: Frank D Solem
Service Info.: US Marine Corps - Korea
Birth Date: 26 Mar 1930
Death Date: 14 Jun 1980
Cemetery: Riverview Cemetery
Cemetery Address: Needles, CA 92363


California Birth Index, 1905-1995

Pansy Victoria Arnold

Birth Date: 4 Apr 1928

Mother's Maiden Name: Deseran

Birth County: Orange


Name: AnnaLaura Ferne Begnal

Birth Date: 28 Oct 1942

Mother's Maiden Name: Arnold

Birth County: Los Angeles

Patricia Arnold Huff, 30 Nov 1933, Female, Arnold, Los Angeles,
George David Huff, 13 Sep 1935, Male, Arnold, Los Angeles

I have the Sangster's children's birth dates & where born, I do not know their fathers name Mr. Sangster's??

James Milton Sangster, 5 Jul 1946, Male, mothers maiden Arnold, Los Angeles County
Janie Elizabeth Sangster, 12 Sep 1947, Female, mothers maiden Arnold, Los Angeles County

Joy Lynn Krout, 27 Mar 1955, Female, Arnold, Los Angeles
Robin M Krout, 10 Sep 1957, Female, Arnold, Los Angeles
Donald L Krout, 7 Oct 1959, Male, Arnold, Los Angeles
Pamela L Krout, 11 Nov 1960, Female, Arnold, Los Angeles



California Marriage Index, 1960-1985


Name: Paul D Solem
Age: 29
Est. Birth: abt 1954
Spouse Name: Teresa A Fees
Spouse Name: Teresa A Rhamy
Spouse Age: 28
Date: 3 Dec 1983
Location: Kern



California Divorce Index, 1966-1984

Name: Rudy Wroblewski
Spouse Name: Renee L Payne
Location: San Bernardino
Date: Apr 1977


Nevada Marriage Index, 1956-2005

Pansy Victoria Krout, California, Lester Eugene Blackard, California, 12 Nov 1971

Name: Joy Lynn Krout
Gender: Female
Residence State: California
Spouse: Gerald Robert Campbell
Spouse residence state: California
Marriage Date: 12 Mar 1972
Marriage City: Las Vegas
Officiant type: Civil celebrant
Recorded Date: 20 Mar 1972
Recorded county: Clark

Rudy Wroblewski, from Arizona, Robin Marie Solem, from Arizona, married 5 Jun 1982, Las Vegas, NV - married 9.5 years, from 5 Jun 1982, Saturday  =  means they divorced around Dec 1991



U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1

Name: Paul D Solem
Birth Date: 28 Jul 1954
Address: 2056 S Garth St, Ridgecrest, CA, 93555-7565 (1993)
[1217 W Coronado Ave, Ridgecrest, CA, 93555-4819 (1985)] 

Name: Paul D Solem
Birth Date: 28 Jul 1954
Address: 2056 S Garth St, Ridgecrest, CA, 93555-7565 (1996)

Name: Paul D Solem
Birth Date: 28 Jul 1954
Address: 4008 Hopes CT, Martinsburg, WV, 25401 (1996)
[405 Princeton St, Martinsburg, WV, 25401]
[4001 Hopes CT, Martinsburg, WV, 25401 (1996)] 

Benjamin R Solem
, b. 25 Feb 1975, 19001 N 18th Dr, Phoenix, AZ, 85027-5351 (1995)


U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2, however unknown what year and there are a couple other addresses too.

Rudy Wroblewski, b. 17 Jul 1942, living at 566 King Way, Bullhead City, Mohave Co., AZ
Rudy Wroblewski, E Gunsight Drive Dr, Mohave Valley, AZ, 86440
Rudy Wroblewski, PO Box 5831, Mohave Valley, AZ, 86446-5831

Name: Robin M Solem
Birth Date: 10 Sep 1957
Address:  PO Box 5746
City:  Mohave Valley
State:  AZ
Zip Code:  86446-5746


CA Voters Registration - notes:  I did find Pansy at the following address from 1950-1954, so the years from 1946-1949, I have not been able to account for Pansy, what name she may have used i.e. Begnal, Young, Arnold.  The CA Voters Reg. below verifies her using Pansy and Sangster.  The marriage and divorce info of Pansy & Richard, uses Patricia Begnal.

1950-1954 - Mrs. Pansy V. Sangster, living at 24665 Moon Ave. Lomita, CA, no mention who Mr. Sangster is, do you know his given name or anything about him?

I tried to find a Sangster in the Los County area living with Pansy, or other document.  I presume since Pansy was born in 1928, then Mr. Sangster may have been born between 1920-1928.



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