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Shaughnessy' Timeline of Michael, John Joseph, Elizabeth Shaughnessy and families


1850s - 1860s - 1870s - 1880s - 1890s - 1900s - 1910s - 1920s - 1930s - 1940s


Note: Surnames spelled as written/indexed on documents



1850a & 1850b - Michael Shanesa (34) - Ann (32), Children: John (4), William (1) and Mary (8), Utica, Oneida Co., NY


1851, 20 May - Margaret Shaughnessy (sister of Michael), m. James Cregan

1853, 5 Feb - Mary Shaughnessy (sister of Michael), m. Cornelius Cregan




1860 - Michael Oshanghnepey (50) - Blind - with son John (14) only - Utica, Oneida Co., NY




1870a & 1870b - Michell Oshannasey (60) - Blind - Ann (50), John (24) brick mason, Mary A (22) seamstress and Mitchell (2) - Utica, Oneida Co., NY


1875 - NY State Census - Utica, Oneida Co., NY

John Shaughnessy, 28,

Mary L Shaughnessy, 25
John L Shaughnessy, 3
Sarah Shaughnessy, 2
Michael Shaughnessy, 80

Note: between the 1870 & 1875 census, that Ann (50) died, Mary A had married John Brady, see 1880 below


1877-John J. Shaughnessy, 32 Leah St. Utica NY (Utica City Directories on file)

1878    "            "                21 Leah St.

1879    "            "                34 Hobart St.


1878, 12 Dec




1880 - Michael Shaughnessy - Blind - living with daughter Mary Brady (35) and husband John Brady (40), Binghamton NY

1880 - John J. Shaughnessy, Mary Louise Brewer and children living at 23 Hobart St. Utica, Oneida Co., NY
1881-1890- John J. Shaughnessy, 34 Hobart St. (Utica City Directories on file)



1892- John J. Shaughnessy, 20 Hobart St. (Utica City Directories on file)

1893-1894   "            "                81 Elm St.

1894, 9 Sep - Mary Louise nee Brewer Shaughnessy died, living at 81 Elm St. Utica, NY Death Obit

1895        "                "                103 Kemble St.

1896        "                "                203 West St

1897-1899 "                "               146 Howard Ave.


1900 - John J. Shaughnessy, Mary died 1894, living at 146 Howard St. Utica, Oneida Co., NY  Children: Sarah, William, Anna L., Lizzie, Mary L., Ella.


1900, 13 Jun - Elizabeth "Lizzie" Shaughnessy, of Utica, NY married Claude B Eaton of New Hartford, NY, New York Mills, Oneida Co., NY performed by Rev. Louis Glancy Colson

Marriage Certificate  Note: Unknown when Elizabeth & Claude separated, son Clifford Franklin, b. 31 Mar 1903, Utica, NY unknown birth surname if Eaton or Shaughnessy see 1907


1901, 11 Feb - John F. Shaughnessy, marries Katherine B Prior, Manhattan, NY, Cert# 2845, per the German Genealogy Group/Italian Genealogy


1906, 30 Nov, per the Utica Herald Dispatch, has Uticans Registered at NY Hotels, presuming NY City Hotels which lists a G. F. Begnal at the Woodstock.  Google lists as 127-139 West 43rd Street, NYC.  Some what of proof that George F. Begnal was in Utica and how he may have met Elizabeth Shaughnessy, but not before Clifford Franklin was born 31 Mar 1903.  See Begnal Time 1903



1907 Eliza Shaughnessy, op, b. 12 Eagle, Utica (Utica City Directories on file) Note: she is Not Listed as Eliza Eaton, has son Clifford Franklin who by 1910 census supports the last name of Begnal, possibly married to George Felix Begnal, Clifford taking the surname of Begnal

         Ella E. Shaughnessy, Stenographer, b. 35 Chestnut, Utica (maybe 35 Chestnut St, New York Mills, NY 13417)

        John J. Shaughnessy, special police h 35 Chestnut, Utica

        Mary L. Shaughnessy, b 35 Chestnut, Utica

        Wm J. Shaughnessy, patrolman h 89 Plant, Utica


1909  John J. Shaughnessy, special police h 35 Chestnut, Utica (Utica City Directories on file)

        Louisa (Anna), Shaughnessy, b 35 Chestnut, Utica

        Mary (Ella)? Shaughnessy, Stenographer, b. 206 Elizabeth, Utica

        Mary L. Shaughnessy, 91 Rutger, Utica

        Wm J. Shaughnessy, patrolman h 89 Plant, Utica


Eliz Shaughnessy is not listed 1909 Utica City Directory, may have met George F. Begnal, 1908-1909, as she is in Seattle WA, 1910 census indexed as Mrs. George, with son Clifford Franklin Begnal age 8.  Clifford Franklin b. 31 Mar 1903, may not have been born Begnal




1910 - line 17, John J. Shaughnessy and children, living at 35 Chestnut St., Utica, Oneida Co., NY (note: Mary Louise Brewer Shaughnessy, d. 9 Sep 1894).  John J. is indexed as Shawghessy


1910 - line 30, John F. Shaughnessy & Katherine, St. Nicholas St., Manhattan, NY


1910 - line 69, Mrs. George, age 28, (1882) born NY, father & mother what looks like Ireland with English or England written above/over Ireland, living at 612 Madison Ave., Seattle, Washington on 27 April 1910.  Mrs. George aka Elizabeth Shaughnessy, lists her son Clifford Begnal, age 8, born NY, mother & father born NY. Married 2 or 12 years


Possible reason for Elizabeth nee Shaughnessy being there, was to be a nurse at the Providence School of Nursing in Seattle.  Today the I-5 freeway replaced 612 Madison.  One of the first hospitals in Seattle, founded by Mother Joseph Sisters of Providence, located on Madison Ave. in 1910


1900-1916 CA Voters Registration Index results - George (Superintendent) & Elizabeth Begnal, living in Fairfield, Solano Co. CA (line 26 & 27) no year shown. 


1912 CA Voters Regs - George Felix Begnal (bookkeeper) & Elizabeth, living in Winters, Yolo Co., CA (line 27 & 28)  ***Found 31 Jul 2008


1914 - Ella E. Shaughnessy, Stenographer, b. 35 Chestnut, Utica (Utica City Directories on file)

          John J. Shaughnessy, special police h 35 Chestnut, Utica

           Mary L. Shaughnessy, b 35 Chestnut, Utica

           Wm J. Shaughnessy, patrolman h 1305 Elm, Utica


1915 - 1 Jun - census, George F. Begnal, 32, Elizbert Begnal, 30, Clifford Begnal, 12, living at 429 124th St. West, New York City ***Found 26 Jul 2012




1920 - line 63, John J. Shaughnessy, dau. Mary L., Ella/Ellen Shaughnessy Rockwell w/husband Dean M. Rockwell Jr. living at 809 Chestnut St., Utica.  He is indexed as Shaunghey.


1920 - line 52, of the Census show Elizabeth Begnal, age 36 (1884) as a widow, born NY, parents born NY Clifford, age 16, born NY, parents born NY, living in San Francisco at 3554a 20th St on 8 January 1920


1920 - William J Shaughnessy - wife Mabel C, b. abt. 1878, NY - living at 1434 Francis St., Utica - Occupation Policeman Public - line 70


1921  Elizabeth Begnal & son Clifford F Begnal per the Crocker-Langley San Francisco City Directory, living at 3554a 20th St. San Francisco, CA


1921-John J. Shaughnessy, special police h 809 Chestnut, Utica (Utica City Directories on file)

        Wm J. Shaughnessy,? doorman, h 1434 Frances


1922, 9 Nov - John Joseph Shaughnessy died @ 9 a.m., living at 809 Chestnut St., Utica, NY Death Obit


1922 - 10 Nov - per John Joseph Shaughnessy's probate was living at 2450 Mission St. San Francisco, CA


1923, 17 Feb, Brother William Joseph Shaughnessy and sister Anna Louise nee Shaughnessy Ruden, died within an hour of each other Death Obit


1923 - SF City Directory - Mrs. Elizabeth Begnal, Salswn, 40 7th St. SF


1927 - Elizabeth Begnal, 431 Arguella Blvd. San Francisco, CA per the California Voter's Registration


1930 - line 57, of the Census show Elizabeth Begnal, age 42, (1888) divorced, born NY, her father Irish Free State and mother born in NY.  What is amazing in which I never read before today, per this census she was age 14 at 1st. marriage, which means she married after Sep 1902.  Clifford Franklin, was born in 1903.   1930-1949 - Elizabeth Begnal, 405 2nd Ave. San Francisco, CA


1930 - line 49, Clifford F. Begnal and Wilma Florence Gates, son Robert.  Living at 320 A, 2nd Ave, San Francisco, CA.


1930 census - Unable to locate Thelma Ferne nee Perry, Begnal or as Young, with sons Clifford & Richard (my father)

1930 - 9 Sep - 30 Jan 1942 - Richard N. Young attends school (San Pedro) Mother as Mrs. E. Rose and father Earl Young and below the link to the records, schools and home addresses.


Schools Attended and their addressees

Home Addressees per school records1930-1942

Known home address 1924-1956


1931, 10 Feb - Thelma, witness to shooting - living at 848 Hamilton Ave., San Pedro.




1940 - Elizabeth Begnal, 52, b. 1888, 405 2nd Ave, San Francisco, CA, 6 Apr, Same House 1935, Occupation: Practioner Christian Services - her son Clifford Franklin Begnal, 1940, 8 Apr - Clifford Franklin Begnal indexed as Chalfant E Bynel, 2nd wife as William F (Wilma F), living at 211 Aspen Ave. South San Francisco, San Mateo Co., CA


1943, 4 Jul, Sarah S. nee Shaughnessy, died, Utica Death Obit, NY


1947, 5 May - Mary Louise Shaughnessy, died, Utica Death Obit, NY


1949, 8 Jan - Elizabeth "Lizzie" nee Shaughnessy Begnal, died, 405 2nd Ave. San Francisco, CA - Obit Utica Daily Press 11 Jan 1949 - Death Certificate

To view Elizabeth's parents and descendants of John J. Shaughnessy and Mary Louise Brewer and Shaughnessy's Utica NY.  1870-1930.


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