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Watch and learn, see the people and hear the philosophy behind - over 2 Million Images scanned weekly, over 4 Billion records, Image Processing Technology, utilizing 3000 Search Servers tying information to your Family, over 800 variations of the given name Katherine/Catherine Ancestry wanting to Connect Your Family. is the world's largest online family history resource home to billions of historical records, millions of family trees and much more.  It's also the world's leading network of businesses dedicated to helping everyone discover, preserve and share their family history.

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Family Tree Maker 2014: Preview


Family Tree Maker 21 videos


Approach Your Family History Research Like A Pro - 30 min


Search Like A Detective - 30 min

Your Tree, Everywhere You Go  - Google-ing Your Family History - 20 min


Favorite Genealogy Myths Debunked

Find the Parents


Location, Location, Location


Down on the Farm

Wife Hunting


Searching and Using Baptism Records

Clues from the Graveyard


Nosy About the Neighbors


Start Small, Go Big

How Sliders Can Help Your Searching


1 Trick to Improve Your Searches for Vital Records


Rich Man, Poor Man

Hidden Treasures in Your State

Should I Check "Exact" When I Search?


Use Search Default Settings


SSDI: Uncovering Hidden Clues


Saving Fold3 Finds to


Your Civil War Ancestors in Historical Perspective


Finding Irish Origins


Are You a Hints Power User?


Should I Take That Hint?


Finding the Stories of Moms & Dads in Your Family Tree


Researching Newspapers to Find Genealogy Gold - 26 min


Breaking Through Your Genealogy Brick Walls - 32 min

AncestryDNA: Everybody's Doing It - 19 min


AncestryDNA: Ethnicity Update - 17 min


Maximize Your Search Time on - 28 min



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