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Records of Newton Richard Begnal Young (1924-1995)

Newton Richard Young was born Newton Richard Begnal, his father is Clifford Franklin Begnal, mother is Thelma Ferne Perry (Pereira Cardozo) on 28 Mar 1942, Richard married Patricia Victoria Arnold as Richard N. Begnal, on 24 Jul 1942, Richard entered the Army as Richard N. Young, and on 29 Oct 1942, Patricia & Richard's first child was born as Anna Laura Ferne Begnal only there is an Affidavit stating

1930, 9 Apr - Thelma F. Benesh/Benion Begnal, (Thelma Benesh is Thelma Ferne Perry), living with my father Richard N. & uncle Clifford at 1377 Hayes St. San Francisco, CA - image on file (it has taken 12 years to find Thelma with Sons in the 1930 census, on 30 Aug 2012)

Name: Robert J Benesh [Robert J Benion] - Benish, Benesh, Benesch, Boensch
Gender: Male
Birth Year: abt 1900
Birthplace: Illinois
Race: White
Home in 1930: San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Marital Status: Married
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's Name: Thelma F Benesh
Father's Birthplace: France
Mother's Birthplace: France
Occupation: Salesman Chain Grocery

Household Members:
Robert J Benesh, 30
Thelma F Benesh, 23, [Turlough F Benion]  b. abt. 1907, ME

Clifford G Benesh, 6, b. abt. 1924, CA

[Winferd G Benesh] 
[Clifford G Benion] 

Richard N Benesh, 5,
b. abt. 1925, CA
[Dehart R Benesh] 
[Richard N Benion] 


Living at: 1377 Hayes St

3 Sep 1930, Richard enrolled in the Los Angeles School District as Richard N. Young, listing his parents as Earl Young and Mrs. E. Rose, Step-father William Irby. Unknown who Earl Young is or Mrs. E. Rose.

My Father's 1924 Birth, 1930-1941 School Records, 1930 Census, 1940 census not found as of 1 Oct 2012, 1942 Marriage, 1942 Military, and 1995 Death Certificate


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