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Perry-Pereira Cardozo Family Photographs - pg 1 - pg 2 - pg 3


Dedicated to Our Parents and Grandparents

and to

My Cousins, Nieces and Nephews


The Cardoso's taken about 1890

Pereira Cardozo Family Portrait taken about 1890

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 Maria & Antone with grandchildren

Maria & Antone with Children

1. Maria Margarida Luiz - b. 1857

2. Maria & Antone with grandchildren

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3. Maria (66) & Antone (64)

Frank (24), Anna (29), Margaret (31), Maria (34), Joseph (36) & Anthony (41) - Taken abt. 1923/24 ages approximate

Daughters & Daughter-in-laws

Antone w/sons & son-in-laws

4. Antone & Maria, Margaret, Maria, Joseph H., Frank and Anna (front)

5. Daughters & Daughter-in-laws

6. Antone w/sons & son-in-laws

641 9th St. Richmond, CA

The Pereria Cardozo Family

7. Antone, Joseph H., Evelyn & Myrtle, Maria - 641 9th St.

8. Maria & Antone's  1st Home abt. 1902

9. The whole Perry Pereira Cardozo clan and Spouses & Grand Children

10. L-R Ora Brown, Maria, Joseph H. with Evelyn Ruth, Myrtle in the window

11. 1915 World's Fair - Maria & Antone

12. Evelyn Ruth (Perry) Smith, & Harry Allen Smith

Anthony D. Perry

Antone & Family

641 9th St. Richmond, CA

Thelma and Anthony D. Perry

13. Anthony D. Perry

possibly WWI - 1916-1918


14. Antone Perry, Anthony D. and Maria, Anna Mae,  Anna's children Ora and Raymond Brown with dog.

Per the manuscript, this home is the first home that Antone Pereira Cardozo (Antone Perry) and Maria Margarida Luiz (Mom& Dad) built and moved into in 1902.  Annie is Anna May, b. 28 Aug 1894, Berkley, MA.  Anna's children Raymond with dog, and Ora Brown.

15. Thelma and father Anthony D. Perry, taken abt. 1922, Taft, CA

Maria is Anthony's sister Maria Dorothy Perry Christian, b. 6 Jun 1889, Taunton, MA.  She made the World Book of Guinness records in 2003 as the oldest living in the U.S., just before she passed away 20 Apr 2003 at 113, just shy of being 114.  Taken on Naylor Ave. Taft, CA

Anthony, Carrie, Maria, Aubrey, Taft 1922

Maria, Anthony, Bernard, 1922

Margaret Etta, Maria, Thelma 1948

16. L-R Aubrey Christian (son of Maria Dorothy) Carrie wife of Anthony and Maria Dorothy Perry Christian.  Taken at Maria's on Naylor Ave. Taft CA. abt. 1922

17. L-R  Maria Dorothy Perry Christian, Bernard Brown (Buddy) son of Anna Mae Perry, Anthony D. Perry.  Taken at Maria's on Naylor Ave. Taft CA. abt. 1922

18. Margaret Etta Perry Luiz, Marie Perry Rose, wife of Joseph Rose and Thelma, 1948.  Maria & Joseph had a son named Tony.

Jospeh, Thelma, Emma, Margaret, 1948


19. L-R Thelma, Joseph Harvey Perry, his wife Emma, Bill Irby husband of Thelma & Margaret Etta Perry
13212 ?, Gardena, CA 1948

20. L to R - William Irby, Margaret Etta Perry and Thelma Ferne Perry at their ranch in Apple Valley, CA.  Sign made by Irvan Miller, a close friend of Thelma and the Boys (my father Richard & Uncle Clifford Anthony Begnal Young)


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