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Thelma Ferne Perry (Pereira-Cardoso) Story as told by her Grandson, this Website's Author D.R. "Doc" Young aka Donald Richard Young Sr.


Begnal Lineage or Eaton Lineage

6 Feb 2019


Over the course of my 30+ years researching, records have had many discrepancies, as many Researchers may have discovered in their pursuit of Records & Documents for verification.

Especially of my Father, relating to his life, marriages, children...I met my Father for the very first time Sep 1968, then married (Barbara Jayne Woods Hoyt) with 3 daughters - Ricki A **, Patricia J & Karen S ** Young.  From this meeting, I learned of my Paternal Grandmother Thelma Ferne Perry (1906, ME-1979, CA)**, another Son Richard Allan Young (mother Beverly Taylor), an Uncle Clifford Anthony Young **, 2 cousins Carol Ann ** & Ginger Arlene Young.  **now deceased

I Donald R Young aka D.R. "Doc" Young, began researching in 1992. 


In 1968, my Mother June Elise Wilson (1926, CT-2012, CA) contacted my Father Richard Newton Young of how to reach me...a Man I had never met, nor knew his name or what he looked like prior.   For 20-21 years my Mother June knew how to reach my biological Father.


1992, I began my Research Journey with Thelma Ferne Perry, her telling me prior to her passing in 1979, that I had the Perry Eyes, and that we were Portuguese. 


As it turned out...Perry was derived from Pereira (I learned from a volunteer at the Family History Center El Centro, CA, her Father Anthony Dexter Perry (1882, Azores-1946, CA), which most likely Pereira Cardozo was the family name dating back to 1793, Pedro Miguel, Faial Island, Azores, Portugal, making Anthony Dexter born Antonio Pereira Cardozo IV, 8 Apr 1882, Pedro Miguel.


With a family group sheet of a Antone Perry (Antonio Pereira Cardozo III), b. 31 Jan 1859, Pedro Miguel. I began to connect the dots from 1900 census Antone Perry III, line 27, Antone Perry IV, line 29, to Thelma Ferne Perry, daughter of Antone Perry IV/Anthony Dexter Perry & Dora Etta Bowen, in Auburn Maine 17 Jul 1906  and onto Central Point, Jackson Co., OR in 1910 and 1920 to San Francisco, CA. 


It was here in the San Francisco Bay area that Thelma met Clifford Franklin Begnal, married 3 Jul 1922, and per Clifford Franklin Begnal's 15 Mar 1960 Death Cert, name and place of birth: Father George Begnal - Unknown, name and place of birth: Mother Elizabeth O'Shaughnessy


Paternal Great Grandmother - Elizabeth Shaughnessy, b. 6 Sep 1882 or 1888 (per records), Utica, Oneida Co., NY, d. 8 Jan 1949, San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA, informant Clifford Franklin Begnal, and has Elizabeth's birth year 1888.


Paternal Grandfather - Clifford Franklin Begnal, b. 31 Mar 1903, Utica, Oneida Co., NY (no birth record found as of this writing 27 May 2018), d. 15 Mar 1960, So. San Francisco, San Mateo Co., CA, the informant is Clifford Begnal Jr. who is Clifford Floyd Begnal, b. 3 Apr 1935, San Mateo, San Mateo Co., CA, son of Wilma Florence Gates, Clifford Franklin's 2nd marriage, list Father as George F. Begnal



Name Disparities (1930-1945) born as Newton Richard Begnal - Richard Newton Young  |  29 Dec 2016 Begnal name now Eaton


 6 Feb 2019 Results of my FTDNA Y-DNA37 test Kit No. 892549 - I have 11 matches to the "Eaton" surname, thus I am not a Young as born, nor Begnal as my Father was born.


In 1994, when I learned Richard Newton Young was born as Newton Richard Begnal, 17 Jul 1924, San Francisco, CA began his story and events of his life taking me 24 years to unravel, with the name changing several times in 1942.

I obtained his Los Angeles School District records 1930-1941, as Richard N Young, and his parents names are not Listed, however for his Father is a Earl Young, and Mother Mrs. E. Rose and Step-Father William "Bill" Irby.


his Nov 1941 SS-5 App., has him as Newton Richard Young, father as Clifford F Young, which his father was Clifford Franklin Begnal, and mother Thelma F. Perry, born Thelma Ferne Perry

28 March 1942, Richard N Begnal marries Patricia V. Arnold, Yuma, Yuma co., AZ

24 July 1942 enlists in the Army as Richard N Young, Stationed at Camp Polk, Louisiana...

his first born 28 Oct 1942, Long Beach CA, daughter Anna Laura Ferne Begnal, mother Patricia Victoria Arnold, father Richard Newton Begnal

13 Nov 1944, Richard N Young, discharged from the Army, Camp Beale, CA

24 Jan 1945, daughter Susan Marie Begnal born, only to be adopted 6 months later, as I have a Jun 1945 Affidavit stating by their Mother Patricia that Richard Newton Begnal is not the biological father of Anna Laura & Susan Marie.  The interesting thing is my Father was in Louisiana in the Army from Sep 1942-Nov 1944, his wife Patricia was in California.

My Father's school records do not show his Bio parents as they are Clifford F Begnal and Thelma Ferne Perry (Pereira Cardozo), rather a Mrs E. Rose and an Earl Young are listed, step-father William Irby, which I know about idea who Earl is...and my Father dies 3 Jan 1995...his mother died 1979...and my Mother was his 2nd marriage, and his being married 2 more times after my Mother June E. Wilson. 

My Mother knew nothing of my Father's past.  Growing up I did not even know his name, or what he looked was until I was almost 21, that she broke the news to my Father and he contacted me.

My Father's story as I have pieced together, that he never knew his Father Clifford Franklin Begnal, and the story of my Maternal Wilson Grandfather is very similar to that of my of 2 Sep 2015, I do not know the blood line that of my Father or his Father, as it is not Begnal or Young...


...I know my Paternal Great-Grandmother is Elizabeth Shaughnessy, and she did not marry a Begnal (also Irish), that I have not found as of 2 Sep 2015.  Elizabeth Shaughnessy grew up in Utica, George Felix Begnal lived in Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co., NY 95 miles from Elizabeth, and per records may not have met until 1907, Clifford Franklin was already 4 yrs old and no evidence they could of met in 1902.

Susan Marie when she was researching 1993, learned of Me from Clifford Floyd Begnal (son 2nd marriage of Clifford Franklin), Susan called saying my Father's Name was on Her Birth Certificate. 

I began to help Susan find out who her Bio Father really was, after she shared this Affidavit dated 1 Jun 1945 and a Letter dated 22 May 1945, addressed to my Father Richard Begnal, from the adopting Father to be of Susan Marie, a Edwin R. Cunningham.

I have found for my Niece Kimberly of my half brother Richard Allan her Father, as she never knew him (Richard Allan Young), a Cousin to Be Ashley, found her Father and Grandfather names when she was age 21 on my web-site, she never met neither man, per a request of her Grandmother by e-mail is how I came to be contacted...


I made a call to my half uncle, son from my Grandfather's 2nd marriage, to inform him that his Father is my Grandfather, which he was unaware...and how I came to receive pictures of my Grand-Father, a man my Father never met, from his half-brothers....only my Father died before I could share with my Father these pictures.

I became a Fire Fighter in 1966, not knowing my Father or Grandfathers...that my Paternal Grandfather was a Fireman So. San Francisco FD, died in the line of duty 1960, and his name is on the CA FF Memorial in my research has produced some answers for a few unsolved mysteries.

My Mother June Wilson passed in Dec 2012, she too did not know her Father...I put that research together, and was able to share pictures of her Father Earle Kenneth Wilson...and my Maternal Grandmother married Earle in 1922, his 3rd marriage her first, and her name was Antoinette Victoria Blaschko/Toni/Antoinette Victoria Belasco...Earle and Toni separated about 1930, Earle remarried in 1936, only Earle filed for divorce in 1934 from Toni...Earle living in MS, Toni in CA with my mother 1957, Toni not knowing she was divorced, filed for divorce in CA after all those years, she never re-married, drove a car or worked.

When I knew my Maternal Grandmother Toni (Antoinette Victoria Blaschko 1901, Hungary-1979, CA ), the man she lived with Rev. Richard S Hewitt, I thought was my maternal grandfather, I learned in 1981 from Richard in person, that he never married Toni.  He died in 1983, age 82.

Growing up I was really clueless regarding my Lineage, but then I left home at 16, and I lived in Ft Klamath Falls OR, also Yakima WA, Cozad & Gothenburg NE, before returning to CA by way of El Reno OK, Lompoc CA to Redondo Beach CA were I met my Father in Sep 1968 for the first time.  I also have lived in AZ, FL, AL, and now Utah.


With Life event changes, all of the above of the Surname Begnal Young in an e-mail from a 2nd Cousin Rockwell, letters and pictures he found of his parents, which in 1928 a letter to Ella Shaughnessy Aunt of Clifford Franklin Begnal, asking Ella not to tell his mother, wanting to know what is his last name should of been.




 6 Feb 2019 Results of my FTDNA Y-DNA37 test Kit No. 892549 - I have 11 matches to the "Eaton" surname, thus I am not a Young as born, nor Begnal as my Father was born.


and how I can say George Felix Begnalis Not the Biologically Connected as Father of Clifford Franklin Begnal - per NY Health Dept & Utica Vital Statistics Clifford's Birth Not Found.  I have been looking 30+ yrs later as to who Clifford's real biological father is/was, and Clifford's full name at birth.  As of 29 Dec 2016, I learned that my Bio Great Grandfather might be Claude B Eaton, not of the Begnal Surname/Lineage, source a Rockwell Cousin and this Marriage Certificate dated 13 Jun 1900, between Claude B Eaton of New Harford, NY and Lizzie Shaughnessy of Utica, NY


Which this 1900 marriage places Claude Brudenell Eaton before George Felix Begnal as the potential Biological Father of Clifford Franklin Begnal as in per 1994 replies from the NY Health Dept & Utica Vital Statistics Clifford's Birth Not Found  


Per the 1945 Affidavit by Patricia V. nee Arnold, stating  Richard Newton Begnal not the biological father of said minor children Anna Laura and Susan Marie, means all children born to Anna Laura and Susan Marie are not biologically connected to Me, only by marriage.




Re-Cap Links Chronological Order of Records & Documents Found 1923-1945

Time-Line Arnold, Irby, Perry, Begnal-Young and Anderson - Sangster - Krout - Blackard

Birth Cert 1924 - Newton Richard Begnal  |  Death Cert 1995 - Richard Newton Young

1930 Census - line 22 - Richard N Benesh, step-son, Clifford Benesh step-son, Thelma F Benesh nee Perry Begnal, Robert J Benesh

School Records - Sep 1930-Jan 1942 - Richard N Young

School Home Addressees per school records 1930-1942

1940 Census
Not Found since the 1940 Census Released in 2010

1941, 18 Nov - SS-5 App - as Newton Richard Young

1942, 28 Mar - Marriage Cert - Richard N. Begnal & Patricia V. Arnold - Yuma, AZ

1942, 24 Jul - Military Record Richard N. Young, U.S. Army - entered at age 18, Stationed at Camp Polk, Louisiana...Separated 13 Nov 1944 at Camp Beale, CA

1942, 28 Oct - birth Anna Laura Ferne Begnal, to Richard Newton Begnal & Patricia Victoria Arnold, Long Beach, CA

1944, 13 Nov, Richard N. Young, separated from the Army at Camp Beale, CA

1945, 24 Jan - birth Susan Marie Begnal, mother Patricia Victoria nee Arnold, adopted by Cunningham, bio Father maybe Edward Anderson

1945, 1 Jun - Patricia V. Begnal's Affidavit that Richard Newton Begnal is not the biological father of Anna Laura & Susan Marie Begnal

1945, 22 May - Letter to Richard Begnal regarding adoption by Cunningham Family - Susan Marie Begnal, adopted Jun 1945.  Possible biological father Edward Anderson

1945, 6 Jul - Richard Newton Begnal & Patricia Victoria Arnold, Divorce 8 Jul 1946

as of 2 Sep 2015


Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007

Name: Newton Richard [Richard N Young]
SSN: 567206910
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birth Date: 17 Jul 1924
Birth Place: San Francisco, California [San Francisc]
Father Name: Clifford F Young
Mother Name: Thelma F Perry
Death Date: 3 Jan 1995
Type of Claim: Original SSN.
Notes: Nov 1941:
Name listed as RICHARD N YOUNG; 5 Jan 1995 (2 days after he died)


No Listing for Clifford Anthony Begnal-Young (1923-2012) because this database's cut-off year is 2007




Time Lines


Time-Line for Shaughnessy's


Time-Line for Perry-Pereira Cardozo's

Time-Line for Newton Richard Begnal - Richard Newton Begnal


Time-Line for Arnold - Perry/Begnal/Young/Irby - Anderson - Sangster - Krout - Blackard


Begnal Lineage or Eaton Lineage


 6 Feb 2019 Results of my FTDNA Y-DNA37 test Kit No. 892549 - I have 11 matches to the "Eaton" surname, thus I am not a Young as born, nor Begnal as my Father was born.


Mayflower Descendant of Francis Eaton (1595/96-1633) & Christian Penn (1607-1684) my 9th Paternal Gr-Grandparents

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