Ancestry Public Tree Profile of Newton Richard Begnal aka Richard Newton Young

Newton Richard Begnal Young (19241995)
BIRTH 16 JUL 1924 San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA
DEATH 3 JAN 1995 Harbor City, Los Angeles Co., CA

Note: This represents 24 years Researching My Father Lineage - No DNA connection to the Surnames of Begnal nor Young as of this day 8 Apr 2020

Blaschko, Eaton, Perry/Pereira Cardozo, Shaughnessy, Wilson Ancestry Public Family Tree - requires Ancestry Acct. to view

**AncestryDNA (16 Dec 2016) - DNA Matches

*FTDNA Kit No. 892549 (24 Dec 2018) Y-DNA = Haplogroup R-M269, aka R1b1a1a2

*GEDmatch A476709 (28 Apr 2018) - GEDCOM ID5626977 (13Feb2019)

*MyHeritage DNA Kit No. AN-50D65C (26 Feb 2020) Eaton Shaughnessy

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D.R. "Doc" Young


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