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Ancestry DNA Result Summary Issues

Researchers who Manage someone's DNA, as with D.R. (no name of Cousin that I am a 4th-6th Cousin Match at 27 cM (centimorgans) there is No DNA Linked Tree to view and see who is D.R.

Which are my Initials as well, sparking my interest to Message the DNA Manager for whomever D.R. is.
Ancestry is always revamping their website, one area is their Message Service for contacting other Members of Ancestry, protecting that Members E-Mail Address.

I messaged the DNA Manager of D.R. to inquire who this Ancestor which I share 27cM DNA with.  Which at this point I do not know if D.R. is a male or female.

I received a reply the next day stating "My husbands last name is really LeSarge or mother's maiden name is Aultman.  Richardson is a name change, hope that helps."

Personally this does not help, as my presumption before messaging possibly since the DNA Manager's last name is Richardson, the R of D.R. also meant Richardson.

Issue #1 - No Name of/for the DNA Ancestor

Issue #2 - No Linked DNA Tree to D.R. to view (as it is a Private Tree)

Issue #3 - DNA Summary Result for D.R. when mouse-ing over the avatar of D.R. does not display who D.R. is, as later I find out who D.R. is

Issue #4 - As many hours spent researching in 27 yrs, the addition of DNA to Ancestry & their results, in reviewing DNA Matched Cousins ranging from 6cM-Hundreds of cM's, since my Ancestry DNA Autosomal results Dec 2016 (3 yrs 9 months later), I now have over 80,000 DNA Cousins, which that number is forever changing.

Issue #5 - thus a wasted amount of time is spent viewing DNA Matched Results.  When the Member or Related DNA Manager of Someone else's DNA nets nothing as to whom you share DNA (however many cM's) with, not knowing how many generations back to locate that specific Surname(s) of the Shared DNA Ancestor you both have in common.

Issue #6 - Newbie's to Genealogy Research and DNA, whether a first time novelty or they have a level of seriousness & experience in learning their Lineage Past, where they Genetically come from as per Ethnicity, will forever be changing.

The Reason of this change as more and more Existing Members who have taken their DNA test, or are about too...that of New Members who soon after becoming a member or the reason to join Ancestry have taken their DNA test, may have little experience, nor the amount of years in genealogy research, and are not able to share several generations or have nothing linking to a Public DNA tree.  Another way as to confirm the Shared DNA Ancestor you both have in common.

Many who do, may only show Private/Public Tree with/without Named Ancestors only named Private, or if some are Named, have very limited information or have no location or dates to share of that Ancestor's origin, time range born to death, when and where.  Again to confirming this shared DNA Ancestor.

Issue #7 - as with the following screen captures, I would suggest not to use Initials, take the guess work out of who the DNA Ancestor might be, at least provide their Name, When & Where Born/Died, if applicable.  Other Researchers Reviewing their DNA Summary Matches might be able to assist or discover what you may not have.

So that Researchers as Yourself (newbie, novice or experienced), can quickly compare Ancestor Surnames, a Time Range and with Location.

Personally, I am not concerned with my Ethnicity, as I am of my own personal DNA Genetics linking Myself to my Ancestor's.  My Ethnicity %  has already changed 4 times, since 16 Dec 2016.
Also some regions involved/considered have changed/no longer

Europe South 7%  I am no longer Italian or Grecian ?
Africa Southeastern Bantu <1%  
so I am not longer out of Africa ?

This update features:

Original Ethnicity 16 Dec 2016


Europe West = 50%

Ireland = 26%

Great Britain = 7%

Europe East  = 7%

Italy/Greece = 7%

Iberian Peninsula = 7%

Africa = < 1%



Revised Updated DNA Estimate as of 15 Sep 2018


England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 46%

Ireland and Scotland 27%

Eastern Europe and Russia  10% refined from Europe East 7%

Germanic Europe 7% refined from Europe West 50%

Baltic States 4% refined from Europe East 7%

France 3% refined from Europe West 50%

Portugal 3% refined from Iberian Peninsula 2%

Ethnicity as of 22 Oct 2019

England, Wales & Northwestern Europe - 50%
Ireland & Scotland - 20%
Eastern Europe & Russia - 12%
Germanic Europe - 10%
France - 5%
Baltics - 2%
Portugal - 1%

Ethnicity as of 13 Sep 2020

Ireland - 35%
England & Northwestern Europe - 26%
Germanic Europe - 17%
Eastern Europe & Russia - 11%
Norway - 3%
Spain - 3%
Sweden - 3%
Wales - 2%

I am now more Irish, less England & Northern Europe, also my Germanic increased, Eastern Europe & Russia declined, now adding Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Wales.  I have lost being Portuguese, French and of the Baltics (northeastern region of Europe containing the countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea)

So who am I, although my FamilyTree-Y-DNA of Dec 2019. shows Genetically I am an Eaton, no longer a Young by birth, nor Begnal as my Father was born.  My DNA Direct Lineage










D.R. "Doc" Young
e-mail: genealogyassistance
Greater Salt Lake Valley, UT
27+ yrs experience - Ancestry Member since 13 May 2004

*MyHeritage DNA Kit No. AN-50D65C (26 Feb 2020)

*FTDNA Kit No. 892549 (24 Dec 2018) Y-DNA = Haplogroup R-M269, aka R1b1a1a2

*GEDmatch A476709 (28 Apr 2018) - GEDCOM ID5626977 (13Feb2019)

*AncestryDNA (16 Dec 2016)

*FTM-2019 - Genealogy Program I use current version (by MacKiev) as of 1 Oct 2019

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