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Overall Ethnicity resulted in the following - I will post the comparison from Ancestry dot com results to show a large difference

Germany 33.7%
British Isles 21.2%
Southern, Central Slavic 11.9%
Italy 9.3%
France 9%
Scandinavia 8.2%
Spain 6.7%


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By Geographical Location and Countries within

Northern European 27.8%
British Isles 23.7%
N.W. European 19.7%
Iberian 9.6%
Toscani Italian 8.1%

European 88.9%

This Genotype is represented throughout people in closely neighboring geographical regions such as:

28% Northern European

Finland Sweden Norway Russia Denmark Estonia Lithuania Latvia Belarus Ukraine Poland Kaliningrad


24% Britsh Isles - UK

England Scotland Wales Ireland Sweden Denmark Norway Netherlands France Germany Belgium


20 % N.W. European

France Germany Switzerland Belgium Netherlands Denmark Slovakia Hungary Luxembourg Sweden Norway Kalinigrad


10% Iberian

Spain Portugal Morocco Algeria Andorra


8% Toscani Italian

Italy Croatia Slovenia Monaco Greece Turkey Serbia Montenegro Albania Bulgaria Romania Moldova


South Asian 4.9%

Gujarati Indian 1.8%
Punjabi 1.5%
Sri Lankan Tamil 0.9%
Bengali 0.7%


AdMixed American 4.1%

Peruvian 2.1%
Colombian 1.2%
Puerto Rican 0.5%
Mexican 0.3%


East Asian 2%

Japan Korea Taiwan Russia Indonesia Papua New Guinea

Japanese 0.8%
Southern Han Chinese 0.5%
Kinh Vietnamese 0.4%
Chinese Dai 0.2%
Northern Han Chinese 0.1%


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