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As of 15 Jan 2021 - I have 18,059 shared Cousin DNA on Ancestry.  Which continues to grow as more & more Members take DNA, or new Members come on board taking DNA. 

Most people with found DNA matches since I having mine 16 Dec 2016, are new to Research or members of Ancestry, having joined 2017-2019, and may not have the time to devote to research, achieving 6 or more generation back in their lineage.  Where as those who have been researching 5 or more years, have a greater Ancestor base of our lineage.

Regarding amount of cM's, the higher the cM's the greater the chance the shared Ancestor or Family may lie between 1 or 2-6 generations back.  Naturally the lower amount of cM's could mean Percentage of 90% or greater lies in the region of 20-24 generations back or more.

My AncestryDNA Matches on 15 Jan 2021

  • I selected the 8th Cousin Match (the couple pictured lower right) and by chance Matt shares 14% cM's, the average usually has been 8 cM - maybe 10 cM's over the last 4 years.

    Unless More and More People who are actually your Cousins of Past join Ancestry and take their DNA Test which is the Autosomal Test, your chances of being Matched to someone close in your Tree is Minimal.

    Below 5th-8th Cousin with Matt, and I may look at my Tree for the surname Jamison, problem may be is that Jamison is not the family that might connect in my Tree that is possibly our shared Ancestors. 

    Also of the to the right of DNA Matches (above)...brings up this window AncestryDNA compares your DNA to the DNA

    You and Matt Jamison

    Predicted relationship: 5th–8th Cousin

    Shared DNA: 14 cM across 1 segments

    I clicked on the Shared DNA: 14 cM across 1 segments....brings up the following chart (below) showing a Percentage chart of that 14%

    As you may notice of 14% cM = a possibility we are 22% 3rd or 4th Cousins to being possibly 1/2 or 2nd cousins 3x removed yatta yatta yatta  A whole lot to take in.

    Looking at Matt's profile (below)  I see a member since Jul 2019 research interest is Jones 1973-2019 in Michigan with a Public Tree of 21 people ... further looking at his profile page I see the Shared (Linked Tree) to his DNA (following below)


    Why I say a waste of time, as all names are Private, none are Marked in Green  Plus the comment "We Can't find any common ancestors"

    I think many who join based on wanting to do the DNA Test with Ancestry is more a novelty of thinking it may connect them to their Ancestors, especially if they might not know their Paternal/Maternal Lineage or were adopted not stating so in their Profile or Matt joined, wife took the DNA, Jones is her maiden and then Matt connects her lineage to his Account as if it is his own DNA that was taken by his wife.

    Whereas if there are Jones Ancestors who have taken their DNA that may be a Match, however unbeknownst to them, it is not Matt's DNA used.  A level of secrecy to protect his Wife keeping her anonymity in tack.

    There can be several reasons why naturally.   

    For this is all to common of the many Cousin Matches I have of over 38,000 having viewed hundreds individually is time consuming taking away from time I could be using to research. 



    My Profile, I hopefully spell most everything out, so if someone should happen upon my AncestyDNA Match & Profile, this is in part what the should see and read about Myself and shared Lineage...Tree linked to my DNA


    "AncestryDNA compares your DNA to the DNA of every other person in our database to determine who you might be related to—and how. Check out these help articles and charts to see how we find your DNA matches and how you can use them to help your family history research."