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Story of  the Pereira Cardozo's and my research

Updated: 31 Jul 2003


Per Bob Perry, June 1988 - The true family name is in fact, "Cardozo" from church records Fayal, Azores.

At this writing it is unknown when naturalization changed the name to Perry, even over 40 years later some death and land deeds reflect Pereira.  It is unknown at this point when any of the Pereira Cardozo family members first immigrated to America.  The following is from a manuscript written & illustrated Feb 1989 by Richard Edwin Luiz, son of Edward Machado Luiz and Margaret Etta Perry, my first cousin once removed.  Much of which was told him by his mother, grandparents, aunts & uncles.


Per a copy of Church records reads Antonio Pereira Cardozo, b. 31 Jan 1859, m. Maria Margarida Luis, b. 1857, Cidadi de Angra do Heroismo, Terciera, Azores, on 30 May 1881.


Antonio Pereira Cardozo III, came to America in 1884, living with his sister Maria (Maria Luiza Pereira Cardozo, arriving 1875 & Jose Dutra Da Rose arriving 1869) & family in Dighton, Bristol Co., MA.  His wife Maria Margarida Luis da Silva, and my great-grandfather Anthony Dexter (Perry) Pereira Cardozo, joined him in 1885.


Antonio III & Maria settled in Taunton, where he worked as a labor and bricklayer.  In 1891, Antone bought a farm in Berkeley, MA.  Between 1896-99, the farm was sold and the family returned to Taunton.  In June 1899, the family returned to Faial, except for my great grandfather Anthony Dexter Perry (who had ran away from the farm about 1897 and lived with relatives in Taunton).  In March 1900, the family returned to Taunton and decided to move to California.  In 1901, the family boarded a train for California. 


Arriving in Suisun City, they stayed with friends, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Enos.  Mr. Enos was able to get Antone a job working for the new Pacific Refinery in Pt. Richmond in 1902.  Shortly after beginning work, the family lived in a rented Crew House of the Southern Pacific Railroad, in San Pablo.  Antone & friends built their first home on 3 lots on 9th St., for $25 each between Ripley & Pennsylvania streets in Richmond, CA. Which became 641 9th St.

The manuscript goes on to tell about the 1906 Great Earthquake and how they experienced it.  How looking towards Barrett Ave, watching a huge land wave rolling towards them.  How at night the San Francisco Fire reflected in the evening fog.  As told to Richard by his mother Margaret Etta Perry.  It speaks of the annual Easter celebration called the "The Holy Ghost", at a movie theater built on Macdonald Ave., between 10th & 11th, movies for 10 cents,  a house Carl Overaa built across the street 628 9th St. in 1933, they paid $4500 cash for. 


A house my great great grandmother Maria's fell in love with and said the house she would die in.  The family's bank was a block of wood from a tree trunk, which almost found its way into the wood stove by daughter Maria Dorothy.  They gave the 3 lots and home at 641 9th St. to their daughter Margaret Etta Luiz on 27 Apr 1936, a 11 days after Maria died in the home she said, she would die in.  Antone continued to live in the same home until his death 13 Mar 1947.

The 5th child born to Antone & Maria, Maria Dorothy Perry Christian was the oldest living American at age 113, making it in the Guinness World Records 29 Oct 2002.

The manuscript has allot of interesting tidbits of their life and times emigrating from Pedro Miguel, Faial, Azores in 1885, farming in Berkely MA, settling in Richmond, CA



Antonio Pereira Cardozo I - Antonio Pereira Cardozo II - Antonio Pereira Cardozo III


Antonio Pereira Cardozo I, b. 29 Apr 1793, m. Mariana Francisca de Ascencao, 15 Feb 1821. Children: Maria Francisca Cardozo, Jose Pereira Cardozo b. 1820, Antonio Pereira Cardozo II.


Jose Pereira Cardozo (b. 1820) m. Maria Rita* (b. 1823). Children: Maria Cardozo (b. 1850), Jose Cardozo (b.1854), Anna Cardozo (b. 1857), Antonio Cardozo (b. 4 May 1860)

*Maria Rita parents, Jose Francisco Pereira and. Rita Felicia.


Antonio Pereira Cardozo II, b. 4 Jul 1821, m. Maria Luisa Jeronimo Silva.




Maria Pereira Cardozo, b. 1858 (note 1)
Antonio Pereira Cardozo III, b. 31 Jan 1859, Pedro Miguel, Faial, Azores, d. 13 Mar 1947, Richmond, CA.
Jose Pereira Cardozo, b. 1863, Joseph - wife Annie
Manoel Pereira Cardozo, b. 1865, bachelor & carpenter, died in a fall while at work
Rita Pereira Cardozo, b. 25 Apr 1867 (note 2)
Julia Pereira Cardozo, b. 1868
Julia Pereira Cardozo, b. 1869
Francisco Pereira Cardozo, b. 1871
Joseph Pereira Cardozo II, b. 1872
Joaquim Pereira Cardos, b. 15 Jan 1878, d. 28 Feb 1948
Jancintho (Jesse) Pereira Cardozo, b. 1879, (father of Mrs. Mary Eckart, Taunton, MA)

Antonio Pereira Cardozo III, b. 31 Jan 1859, Pedro Miguel, Faial, Azores, d. 13 Mar 1947, m. Maria Margarida da Silva (note 3), 31 May 1881.


Children: Ggf Anthony Dexter Pereira Cardozo, b. 8 Apr 1882, Pedro Miguel, Faial, Azores, d. 13 Jul 1946, Santa Cruz, CA.


Joseph Harvey Perry (note 4), b. 18 Aug 1887, Taunton, MA, d. 17 May 1973, Walnut Creek, CA.


Maria Dorothy Perry (note 5), b. 12 June 1889, Taunton, MA, d. 20 Apr 2003 - Lived to be 113


Margaret Etta Perry (note 6), b. May 1891, Berkley, MA, d. 5 Sep 1957, San Pablo, CA.


Anna Mae Perry (note 7), b. 28 Aug 1893, Berkley, MA, d. 2 Nov 1942, Richmond, CA.


Rita Perry (note 8), b.1896, Berkley, MA, d. 1899, Faial Azores.


Frank Daniel Perry (note 9),  b. 9 May 1899, Taunton, MA, d. 9 May 1974, Martinez, CA.





Note 1: Maria (Mrs. Joseph Rose, lived to be 84 yrs., mother of 14 children, one of which was the late Tony Rose of Richmond, CA) Lost 3 sons in WWII, one son killed by a train, a daughter Rita lived in Pleaston St., Dighton, MA.


Note 2: Rita (Mrs. Marion Rose, lived 92 yrs., Taunton, MA, parents of Jesse Rose, Taunton, MA)


 Note 3: Maria Margarida Luis da Silva, b. 1 Nov 1857, Angra Do Herosimo, Terciera, Azores, d. 16 Apr 1935, Richmond, CA. Daughter of Jose Luis da Silva & Rita Margarida.


Note 4: Joseph Harvey Perry, m. Emma Ruth Abrao, 28 May 1908, Richmond, CA.


Note 5: Maria Dorothy Perry (Lived to be 113), m. Otis P. Christian, 1907, Point Richmond, CA.


Note 6: Margaret Etta Perry, m. Edward Machado Luiz, 1909


Note 7: Anna Perry, m. Ira Brown


Note 8: Rita Perry, m. Lucian Rose


Note 9: Frank Daniel Perry, m. Anne Ruth Celis, 1920



Thelma age 16 and AnthonyMy Story & Findings, beginning in 1992, with my grandmother Thelma Ferne Perry, b. 17 Jul 1906 Auburn, Androscoggin Co., ME, d. 28 Mar 1979, Los Angeles CA.


Parents Anthony D. Perry & Dora Etta (Bowen) m4. 16 Sep 1900, Providence R.I. 


In a Androscoggin Co. Directory 1906-1907, Anthony D. Perry, was a freight handler M.C.R.R. (Maine Central Railroad), living at 102 Court, Auburn, Maine. Anthony Dexter Perry

Dora Etta Bowen, b. April 27, 1867, to George & Phebe Bowen of Foxboro, MA. 


Dora Etta m1. Oscar A. Crocker, on 9 Nov 1883, Taunton, MA, having a son Walter Elmer Crocker, b. 7 Jun 1884 Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA.


Dora Etta nee Bowen, m2. Elsworth A Pittsley, on 4 Aug 1892, Freetown, MA.   And Dora Etta nee Bowen, m3. Roland Leonard, on 7 Jun 1895, Norton, MA.


Per death certificate for Anthony D. Perry, b. 8 Apr 1882, Portugal, d. 10 Jul 1946, Santa Cruz, CA.  Occupation-Truck Driver.  Son of Antone Pereira and Mary Margarete of Portugal.  Second marriage to a Carrie M. Unknown maiden or married name, shortly after the death of Dora Etta nee Bowen.  Per 1930 census Carrie has a daughter Helen M. age 19, b. abt. 1911, CA...Helen would be from a previous marriage of Carrie/Caroline.

On 21 Sept. 1994, I found in the 1900 federal census of Taunton MA, Antone Perry, b. Jan 1859, Portugal, living at 137 Highland St. Taunton MA, married to Marie M., b. Nov 1856, Portugal, and 5 children.  Antone, b. Apr 1882, Portugal, Joseph, b. August 1887, MA, Mary b. Jun 1889, MA, Margaret, b. May 1891, MA, Annie, b. Aug 1893 MA, and Frank, b. May 1899 MA.

I found in the LDS FHC IGI database, Antone Cardoza Pereira, b. Jun 1859, Portugal, Maria Margarida Silva, b. Nov 1856, Portugal.  Children: Anthony, b. 8 Apr 1882, Portugal, Joseph Harvey, b. Aug 1887, Taunton, MA, Mary, b. June 1889, Taunton, MA, Margaret Etta, b. May 1891, Berkeley, MA, Annie, b. Aug 1893, Berkeley, MA, Rita, b.1896 Berkeley, MA, Frank Daniel,  b. May 1899 Berkeley, MA



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