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FTM - Family Tree Maker


FTM to Retire | Ancestry is to discontinue support for Family Tree Maker as of 31 Dec 2016  | Feb 2016 New Family Tree Maker Options  | FTM2017 Issues
I hope you’re enjoying Family Tree Maker 2012 or 2014 with Tree Sync.  I discontinued use of FTM 2010, 2012 & 2014  Ancestry discontinued Support 
all FTM versions, which some may have learned if you are still using FTM 2012 or 2014 that Synchronization no longer works as before or not at all.
Today 2017, I hope by now you have upgraded or updated to MacKiev's FTM 2014.1 version with Synchronization that works, as I upgraded
after waiting for an update to Ancestry version FTM 2014.   MacKiev's FTM 2014.1 FAQ - 
Note: 10 Mar & 13 Mar 2017, since upgrading to FTM 2014.1 (MacKiev) I have issues with their Updates, with screen captures.
Q: Where should FTM users go for technical support?

A: Software MacKiev now supports all versions of Family Tree Maker. If you are having a technical problem, please start here:
Free updates for FTM 2014 and Mac 3 users
The following from previous updates to this page
Ancestry has continued making it better all year long, releasing updates along the way to improve our experience.  
And now Ancestry is giving us one big bonus update to Family Tree Maker 2012. 
In fact, this update is so good, Ancestry decided not to even release a new version of Family Tree Maker for 2013.
Family Tree Maker Image
Here are some of the bonus updates added to Family Tree Maker 2012:
  • Numerous enhancements to TreeSync so syncing your tree to Ancestry . com is faster and more reliable
  • A new Family View Report that displays a person’s ancestors, spouse and children together
  • Place names and associated people listed hierarchically by country, state, county, city and detail
  • Ability to mark media items as private so they don’t sync or export
  • Web links you can add to a person via the new web links tab in People collection and People detail
  • A printable sync log

  • Improved backup & restore

  • A way to copy a fact and paste it to anyone in the tree or into another tree

  • The ability to merge information from multiple versions of the same fact

  • Other improvements like touch-screen gesture-support for scroll, zoom and rotate, plus a list of last 25 people visited, more consistent lifespan information, dozens of report enhancements, a year-only option in the people index

How do you get the latest bonus 2012 update?*  Family Tree Maker will automatically prompt you to install it when you’re using the program while online.


Or, you can manually check for updates by clicking “Check for Update” in the Help menu.


To view Tutorials of how FTM works or Family Tree Maker by Ancestry . com


My FTM 2010 - Examples of the software - currently I have upgraded to 2014




The following are screen captures of FTM 2010 - showing the advantage of having FTM with access to Ancestry . com - Membership Required

Version 2012 Synchronizes your Family Tree with your Tree online at Ancestry . com - Membership Required

If you have Questions regarding FTM > E-Mail

Click images to Enlarge in a new window - click that image to view full size

#1 - Below your ancestor appears in 4 mini window panes.  And you can view 2-4 generations

FTM 2010 1


#2 - Below shows a Green Leaf of Hints on Ancestry . com that may connect based on your information entered.

FTM 2010 2


#3 - Below are those Green Leaf records results - click image to enlarge in new window

FTM 2010 3


#4 - Below you can view the document in FTM or open in your Web Browser

FTM 2010 4


#5 - Below is another feature of Ancestry to find others who maybe researching your same ancestor, who just might be a cousin.  Also, from the Hints, there maybe a Tree Match to someone on Ancestry with your ancestor in their tree or the document you are viewing has been added to their records.  And you can contact that person through Ancestry


#6 - Below, if you find a discrepancy, you can leave a comment.  The document cannot be

changed and the indexing may remain the same, with an addition of the Alternate name icon

Leaving Comments for discrepancies

#7 - Below indicates Alternate Name Suggestion/Spelling

Ancestry Alternate Name


#8 - Below is Media showing all images/photo's and documents added or connected/found on Ancestry.

#9 - Below is Places/Locations based on addresses entered or Cities, Counties and States entered.  Also, those living at that address, shown in the right column.
If you have Questions regarding FTM 2014 or FTM2017 >



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